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How about a thread of the funniest memories????

Well. . . 2 funny memories, but you KNOW there are much more than just 2! The first one is this: While living at the Mazak's (I was Paul's and Roger's nanny), we were all eating dinner one night. At that time we had 10 adults and 10 children in the household. One of the girls (and one of my favorite people) was Eloise. One of the boys (also one of my favorites) was needing some shredded cheese for something, and he said in such an innocent voice, "Pass the cheese, please, Eloise.", and we all just burst out laughing. It was so cute and funny at the same time. The second time is this: During one of the recordings we were making at Redeemer, it was a late night. We were all so tired, and sort of "punch drunk". We were taking a short break, and people were sort of just sitting around, and some were lying on the floor for a quick little nap. All of a sudden, one of the girls who had fallen asleep (she will remain anonymous) let loose with this very quiet and soft little fart. Those of us who heard it just almost died laughing. It was just such a funny situation, and because we were all so tired, it just seemed all the more funny. During that same recording, and it could have been a different night, were all just as tired, when one of us looked over to see a quarter stuck in the hat of of one of the men in the mural. I believe it was the straw panama looking hat. It was just such a funny moment. I know who stuck that quarter in the guy's hat, but I'll never tell! ;)

Steven the "hat quarter" had to be one of the "Chuck Hatt" gang!


Some how Kathleen Crow Scott and I - while living in the Wafer household became in charge of baking wedding cakes... I don't know how we got the job - except that Ann Wafer volunteered us. For one of the weddings (I can see the person in my mind's eye but for the life of me can't remember her name - curly brown hair) we were up all night baking in the Wafer household's small oven because for some reason we couldn't use the church kitchen. The next day, we took the layers to the church where we placed strawberry jelly between the layers. We had extra jelly leftover so we just put more on than the recipe called for - hey, more never hurt, right? WRONG - the AC went out in the parish hall and the layers began to slide apart and off the plate! - YIKES!- We ended up putting the cake "back together" and making the bride and groom come into the parish hall for pictures and cake cutting BEFORE they took wedding pictures in the sanctuary. We, of course, hoped no one noticed... That's the day Kathleen and I promised each other we would bake each other's wedding cakes.

Mary Oh, when you live in the Mims household, it is a matter of picking the best ones. I will get back...

Steven Yeah, and where is the "Book of George"? (see separate thread)


Paula, that was probably the "classical" album, the mass that we recorded. I was working at the nursery in Richmond at the time, commuting every day. I was so sleepy one day after all night recording and then working, that when I drove back to Eastwood I could not keep my eyes open. When I reached the Cullen off-ramp, I fell asleep and drifted slowly until I bumped into the car in front of me. No damage, but very scary. Angels were keeping all of us through that ordeal!

Maureen I swear it wasn't me who farted...........I know I fall a sleep at a drop of a hat but no gas had passed.

Elaine It was during that Latin recording, too, when we examined the mural for finger/hand positions to go with the phrase "Quo cum que" (or something like that). I missed a lot of university classes during that recording. I think we also recorded the King of Glory mass at the same time.

Stephanie I understand there were crazy skits that would go on in the choir rehearsal... seems I have a picture some where of one of "the players" - who is willing to fess up on that one????

Steven  I don't think we did the Latin and King of Glory together (remembering, of course, that I was totally out of my mind at the time.) I remember I sang on the Latin, but not on the King of Glory. But really, does it matter now?

Stephanie I am still waiting for someone to confess to being part of the infamous choir skits... of which i never got to see because I wasn't in the choir... share y'all, come on now...


Here I am...telling on myself. When I came to Redeemer I had never tasted wine. I certainly didn't know that you had wine in the communion cup. At m previous church, we always had grape juice in a very, very small glass. In my ignorance I walked down the aisle to partake of the host and wine. It was one large cup. I didn't know anything about sipping wine. I took one large slurp. About half way up the aisle on my return to my seat, I was dizzy and stepping high. I do my first mass at Redeemer, I was a little tipsy. I managed to get to my no one would think I was "drunk in the spirit."

Jeanie I will never forget the Sunday that Liz Constantian, sitting quietly and listening to the sermon, fell backward through the working sacristy door -- chair and all -- and disappeared. The door slammed shut with a bang, and Liz was no more. It's hard to evoke in words how hilarious that actually was. She eventually resurfaced with her chair, and the service went on.

Paula I remember that so well. i nearly laughed my head off. Poor Liz. She was such a good sport about it, too!

Maureen Yes I remember it to. It was beyond funny......Jeanie thanks for this memory and Paula your right Liz was a good sport:) In her behalf there were some really long sermons and I think there is a story in the book of Acts that talks about a man falling asleep during one of Peters sermons and he fell out the window. Gosh Liz may have been moved by the HS:)

Okay I have one more funny moment to share before I go to bed. Do you remember Father Time? and the Baby in diapers from McKinney House? They use to show up often at our house,The Mims, in full garb or lack of. Where is kevin O'Neil now? I can still hear Father Times voice! For sure I almost lost my bladder when he appeared.

Myrnette  Maureen, remember when your father was visiting and we had a thunderstorm. McKinney house had leaks and we donated buckets, pots, and pans and then had hot chocolate afterward? We wanted things to be so perfect for your father.   George Myrnette, that happened when Larry Winchester's father visited as well and the tarp over the roof lifted in the night and water came into his bed upstairs.

George James Kearney was the NEW YEAR in Diapers no less!!! (underscore NO LESS!) and Kevino was in white hair with a beard....on a crutch.....struggling to keep up the signs of the TIMES!!!!

Stephanie Gosh what missed by living further down McKinney! We were OOOOOH SOOOOOO DANG SERIOUS! I think when I lived with John and Margo (Kathleen Morris) - that is when I had the most "laughs" in any households... I think I was always with the "heavies." -ugh- But I am sure having fun reading this thread and the others - Ms. Hoops, Book of George... etc.

George You should have had breakfast on March 17th with us: green tea, green eggs, green pancakes, green, green, green, served by Madame White of the White House

Ellen  Stephanie - I agree... My household was pretty darn serious most of the time, too...

Debbie That's too bad. Our house (Coyle) was pretty funny and crazy, too. But then, what do you expect from a bunch of teenagers?!

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