For Our Life Together, We Celebrate
items - see What's New for more:
 Timeline of the events leading to closure of Episcopal Church of the Redeemer at 4411 Dallas
  Clergy of Redeemer & Celebration: dozens of our folk who were, or later became, ordained
  "Redeemer Lite" or "A Few Words from a Serial Scoffer" - a MUST READ by David R Davis
  Video of Pat Allen's memorial service, edited by Kevin O'Neill. Intro by Kevin & Max Dyer
  New page in Groups for "Symphony of Souls", later on known as the Trees Community
  1995 collage photo of the Redeemer Houston Youth Group, assembled by  Rebecca Crow
  30+ music videos of David Pulkingham, a professional guitarist & singer based in Austin
 "Then & Now" - hundreds of thumbnail portraits of us now, and as we were in '70s & '80s
 "This is My Story, This is My Song: A Life Journey" - a book by Betty Carr Pulkingham

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■  ABOUT is for First Time users, those seeking to Reconnect, Site Map, and this Home Page
■  POSTING has forms to submit Photos, FaceBook links, or Stories if you're not on FaceBook
■  PLACES links to 4th Ward clinic, Aliquippa PA community, Camp Allen in Diocese of Texas,
    Cumbrae Island UK, Holton Lee retreat, recollection of Narragansett RI, Post Green in UK,
    Ranches of family members, Woodland Park CO, & Yeldall Manor near Reading UK

   Plan to add pages for St. Paul's Auckland where Bill Farra spent a year, a short-lived Detroit community spearheaded
    by Jerry & Esther  Barker; and Baptist parish in Australia that came out of International FisherFolk traveling ministry

■  GROUPS are FisherFolk, the Keyhole (w/4 albums), Redeemer Choir and Worship Teams
■  PEOPLE links to photos
"Then & Now", Couples, Families, and Saints who have died.
    Except for our saints, these photos are posted on PicasaWeb, which only displays first names.
    See also Solo Artists who
continue to express their faith and life in interesting ways.
■  EVENTS has links to Reunions, Services and Weddings

■  MUSIC has Index page with links to Newer music, to Video from individual artists & services,
    Celebration's Albums and web-Store, and "out-of-stock" FisherFolk albums (vinyl -> MP3)

■  WRITTEN links to Life Stories (critiqued, single topic), Notes & Docs on FIB,  Publications,
    Our Writings (from outside FB), Poems Reviews by former Community members.

■  REDEEMER pictorial history in Eastwood, the Final Weekend Feb 2011,
bread recipe,
    annual panorama pics, book of memories, commentary by others, and John Orth mural

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Background on Purpose of this Website

This site was created for all of us who - at some point in our faith journey - resided or worshipped  as the Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal in Houston, or within a community which arose from that church including the "Community of Celebration" sites in UK & US, or at "Post Green": an existing UK community that partnered with Celebration in the mid-1970s. 

The website is intended to become a growing archive of photos and stories about our life together over the decades from mid-60s until now. It was launched at a time when Redeemer's congregation learned that it had to move out of buildings that had been their spiritual home base for over half-a-century; and when the "Community of Celebration" in Aliquippa are now taking in no new permanent members. We collect all these photos and stories of shared memories not only for each other, but also for our friends and relatives, especially for our kids and grand-kids.

"Celebration" in Aliquippa, PA are an Episcopalian religious order, observing a Benedictine rule of life: origin was in the Anglican church in UK & Scotland. Click here to buy their music.

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