"The Book of George" (read it here)
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I think Jeff Wilson has the Book of George. I suggest that we use it sparingly because of it's power (to induce laughter). We should consider having an annual event (maybe on GEM b'day in Sep) when we have a reading of the complete Book of George. Like Festivus.

Maureen Good idea David...Where ever the book is it should be respected and encased in cement until the proper time. Otherwise we maybe in for more agony than we could endure.

Wendy the only thing that I remember about the book of George has to do with a "buxom sound"...I could say more of my thoughts on this but I will refrain ; )

George Byrd's of a feather Wing It together.............ehhhhhhhhhhhhh????

Jeff I am still the guardian of the book. Still searching the earth for someone to pass along this task that was laid on me. Where is Frodo when you need him?

Maureen  Keep it safe Jeff and perhaps you could share a few here and who knows another Frodo may show up. On the other hand perhaps you should bury it in the hills of Colorado or put it up for auction:)

Jeff Actually, if you go to my notes, you can find the entire book, as translated by Paul Frey and Jeff Wilson. But we were but mere scribes. The book itself is kept safe in a secret place known to me alone.‎...if I can just find it. Darn secret places can be so... secret.

George What are you hymning and hawing about? You hid it in your guitar case!

Paula It's in your saddle bags on your motorcycle. Or on the top shelf of your closet behind the, the, the. . . it's on the top shelf of your closet. . . ;)

Jeff Now why would I have something in the closet. I would have to go in and look, and then COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Paula Okay then, it must be in the coffee can in the pantry. The one you used to put all of your valuables in when you went out of town. You know, so the people who were robbing you would think all that was in the coffee can was. . . coffee

Jeff Actually I keep it in a special vault I had build to protect valuables. Laser beams, all that stuff, I will send a picture.

Ellen  I have actually seen this book and laughed and laughed as Jeff shared some of it with me. I did not have the privilege of being in the choir as I was too young, but I have heard much about it second hand. I must say Jeff makes an excellent Frodo!

Paula Oh boy, so that make Paul Sam? "Not to worry Mr. Frodo. I can't carry the ring, but I can carry you!" :)

George Was I close or did I "string" out??? STINGENDO!

Jeff We might consider "stringing" you up George!

Maureen The Book of George?......I don't think we should even open it up!. On the other hand why not. The world needs a few laughs. How about the one about being like a blender? Of course your thinking that's not funny it wasn't then but it is...see I'm warning you. No book of George should be opened here:)

George A very proper analogy to choral blend: with a frog in a blender everything turns green.

Taft um... red and green and goes round an' round...

Nancy George, your frog analogy. Yikes, all I can say is yuk.

George  Nancy, I was just "frogging around." Never actually tried but did dream it!

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