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While I am at do you remember Mrs Hoops? She loved planting a big red kiss on many faces and and flinging her hoops here and there during a choir rehearsal. She kept George on his toes and speechless. A girl does have her ways. I don't remember a specific Ms Hoops appearance because her sheer presence left me weak with hysteria. Not to mention that an artist in motion is caught up into the netherworld as they say:) I wish someone was here to laugh with me.

Stephanie Laughing with you as I read this.... does that help??? Wish I could post the picture I have on this page right here and now...

Paula Hahahhaaaa! I loved Mrs. Hoops. She was the best. :)

Maureen  Ms Hoops or what ever her status was certainly kept us laughing. How did she ever come to be I will never know. She actually followed me to my school where I taught for 25 years but of course in another get up.

Wendy I'm laughing too! I remember Mrs. Hoops...I also remember her ever so feminine son...he was really cute and loved having a beard that smelled of coffee. There was never any jealousy that his sister got to be a GIRL lol.

Maureen Oh yes and i think Leslie may still have the hoops. Ill ask her. gosh I should have come to the last Sunday at Redeemer in full attire. Now that would have been a memory not to mention a shock!!!!! was that Sam?

Wendy  Were those not her wedding dress hoops? I don't remember the name, I just remember the clothes and the coffee grinds lol ; )

Maureen Yes Ms Leslie had the hoops and I took advantage.

Wendy Maybe you should call Miss hoops and have her come and adopt my children for a while....

Paula  What character did Betty Wall play? She had coffee grounds for a beard. . . :)

Maureen Trust me it was Sam but I think there were several men who partook in the foolishness.

Wendy  I was your son...Sarah was your daughter...I mean Mrs. Hoops' son and daughter..

Paula OMGosh. . . what do you think people (I mean ORDINARY people) would think by reading this dialogue?!

Wendy in all of our years away from Redeemer, no one has ever really understood just how fun a good Christian home can be.

Maureen A video on You Tube would have been awesome....I'm sure Ms Hoops would have become famous:).

Stephanie  what's that hymn - revive us again...oh.. God... la la la -- how about "revive ms Hoops..."

Maureen Paula: people are thinking wacko! beards. wedding,,,kiss,,, name it Ms Hoops was a star for a moment. Her audience (the choir) made her shine and the more she shined the more they smiled and laughed and sang. What fun those times were. I love wacko:)

Steven ‎"Reindeer roasting on an open fire..."

Wendy I do remember Mom's 40th birthday party...Miss Hoops and her kids were at the house for that event...I think her hubby was there for that too...then again, I was really young. All I remember about that night was a blur of Mom being carried on a throne, coffee grinds on the face, and Mrs. Hoops in action with that bead in her belly button!

Wendy she was pretty sexy to be living in a church going home!

Maureen  Wendy, bead? belly Button? shhhhhh this is public we don't want to start an uprising.

Wendy  ya see what I mean when I said that none of my friends in NYC, SC, or ATL knew what to make of say you grew up living in church community and then you have stories like this???? and this is just one of how many?

Myrnette Ah, yes I remember her well. Children seem to appear where ever she was. They appeared out of no where. She really brightened the room.

George are you forgetting the coffee grinds and ORVILLE.....Betty beware!!!!

Maureen I did forget about Betty Orvile but have been reminded. I think Sam Credle was a part of these bizarre events as well.

George  Sam had the "LION'S" share of the entertainment in anticipation of the South African trip!!! Sam on a leash!!! no doubt!

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