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31 October 2011: Dear Friends of Patricia,

I am sure you are all waiting for news of Patricia. These last few days she is getting weaker and weaker. She sleeps almost all the time and does not respond when talked to. Yesterday after a great effort she did open her eyes and gave me a smile. She is peaceful and answers to prayers. Please continue praying for her. She seems to have given up. It is so sad to see her this way!

I shall try to keep you informed of her situation.

God bless you all, and united in prayers.

23 October 2011: Dear Jane,

Thank you for sending me your e mail. In this way I can put you up to date regarding Patricia.
This morning Sunday 23/10/11, we took her to St Louis Hospital, which is a place for patients who need special care.
This is run by our sisters and Pat knows it.

About a week before her fall, Pat came to have a talk with me, and she asked if, when she was not able to take her of herself, she could go to St Louis. I told her I would ask the sisters and she was happy when I told her she could go there when needed. As, I think I have already told you, Pat was getting weaker on her legs and sometimes she had difficulty trying to keep her balance.

She was discharged from St Joseph's, as the neurologist said that although after a total body CT scan

"it was remarkable for Huge tortuous hyperdense lesion is noted in the mid-line of the parieral region crossing the midline on both sides just above the lateral ventrisles, Post IV contrast injection the lesion is filled with contrast, th finding is consistent with huge vascular malformation (AVM). Severe oedema is noted in the periventicular white matter in the partial region bilaterally; Moderately dilated kateral ventricles: Small nodule measuring 4mm is noted in the RUL; RT ovarian cyst measuring 3,4x3cm. On the 18/10/2011 she was evaluated vy the neuro-surgery sevice; and the decision was taken not to operate the patient and follow up with the neurlogiest in out clinic for AVM progress. O 22/10/2011 the patient was discharged in stable general conditions."

As you asked for the cost of care, here is what I can tell you: 1 = 5.6 Shekels
Ambulance to and from hospitals: 950 Shekels - 170
M.R.I. test: 1000 Shekels - 178
Stay at St Joseph's 11/10/2011 to 23/10 2011: 14000Shekels - 2500

I shall be going to settle the bill tomorrow morning. Then I shall have the final bill.
I have received 1000$ - 3600shekels from Daphne Grimes. That has to be subtracted.

Regarding her stay at St Louis, the sisters gave me the same price as patients here ( from the Sick Fund) and not as private patients or foreigners.
The cost per month is: 12000 Shekels - 2142
This would not include operations or special treatment.

I hope you understand that all this is because she has no Health Insurance.
Please could you pass all this information to Bill Farra, by forwarding this e mail, or when he comes back to you.

Thank you for your support, interest and understanding. I feel so relieved to be able to share with someone.
United in prayer.
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