Pat Allen: born 3 Mar 1937 in USA, died 21 Nov 2011 in Israel
Video of memorial service, edited by Kevin O'Neill. Intro by Kevin and Max Dyer

Memorial Service was 3pm Sunday 20 May 2012, Cathedral of the Isles, Millport, Cumbrae
Funeral - reflections, order of service for Mass and graveside service, tributes, photos and music
(28 Nov 2011 Pat Remembered: your tributes from emails and FB are memorialised in this site)

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Hear an MP3 clip of Pat singing "They Have No Wine" from "On Tiptoe" album Community of Celebration
Also hear her sing "I Like Your Being a Carpenter on the "Celebrate The Whole of It" album CD

Her Funeral Mass was held in the St. Louis Hospital chapel, followed by burial at the Christian "Mount Zion" cemetery alongside other RC Sisters of St Joseph who have gone on before, overlooking the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel

On 12 October Bill Farra wrote: 
I just had a phone call from Sr. Gemma from St. Joseph's Convent in Jerusalem, to say that Pat fell and is in hospital. Gemma didn't think Pat broke any bones, but she said Pat was very weak and in need of medical attention and financial assistance. I gather that Pat doesn't have any medical insurance because Gemma thought the financial help could be in the form of health insurance. Gemma is leaving soon for a 2 month trip to the USA, and she gave me contact information for Sr. Johanna Borg who is close to Pat. I will try to contact Sr. Johanna and discover what level of help is needed at this time and get back to you. I know you will hold Pat in your prayers.

Since that date, several priests from Community of Celebration days were with her almost constantly. Their letters and prayers attest to the power of being surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. (Hebrews 12:1)

er last days in Jerusalem c/o Sisters of St Joseph, P.O.B 332233, Jerusalem 91322, Israel
Click banking details for doing direct wire transfer of money to pay for Patricia's accumulated medical bills.

Letters from Priests & Sisters who were with Pat

Howard & Jodi Page-Clark 16th-22nd Nov

 Dave and Jane Porter 4th - 7th Nov 2011

 Sister Johanna, 23 and 31 October 2011

 Rev. Daphne Grimes, 16th & 17th October

Sent from New Zealand while she was in hospice
Prayers by Rev. Edward & Sherrell Prebble

Photos of Pat by Rev. Christine Allan-Johns


Jenny, Howard, & Grace at Convent

Sister Johanna

Bill Farra, Diane Andrew, Gary Miles, Patricia Allen, Francine Bagget, Margie Pulkingham, Mimi Farra, Tim Whipple. Jodi Page-Clark, Mikel Kennedy - 1973 after the huge Fountain Trust conference at Nottingham.

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