David Pulkingham's Music

Texas Magpies: "Cucurrucucu Paloma",
"Happy Together" and "Odlame"

Five Minutes with David Pulkingham

Steady Austin gigs: Henri's,  Papi Tinos,
Cedar Street,  NeWorlDeli,  Manuels . . .
Schedule updated Mondays on FaceBook

Often with Trent Durham
, as The Hams,
and with Giulia Milanta, as The Magpies

2012 schedule including his Italian tour
- with thirty photos taken at Cento (Fe), live
video at Birroteca Doppio Malta Cecina

"David Pulkingham Playing Guitar"  album
$7.92 download album from Amazon or iTunes.

Free on-line audio of stereo acoustic recordings:
"Whiskey from your Mouth", a guitar solo of classic "Caravan", vocals on "Lovely Rita", &
instrumental "Londonderry Air" interpretation
    Summer 2013 tour with Patty Griffin: starts 30 May

David & "The Boss" perform Midnight Train, Austin Music Awards, March 2012

Open a page of links to 30+ "YouTube" videos:featuring David




For many years....
so fortunate to be
at the right hand of
the man....Alejandro.