Musicians at Memorial Service for Sue Neal
19 January 2013 at Church of the Redeemer

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Soprano: Leslie Coburn Fox, Jackie Davis, Nan Credle, Emily Farra, Diane Andrew (1st & 2nd rows)
Alto: Nan Doerr, Brooke Wallace, Ivis Bird, Patti Ross, Mitzi Coleman, Jeanie Woodruff,  Beth Woodson
Tenor: Sam Doerr, Sul Ross, Eric Sawyer, David Farra, Daniel Coleman, & Gil Micheletti (back row)
Bass: Bob Andrew, Robert Burlingame, David Carlson, Taft Metcalf, Keever Wallace, Henry Fabian

Pat Farra      Lead Guitar: Keever Wallace     Bass Guitar: Sam Doerr
Djembe Drum:
Beth Woodson             Tambourine: Nan Credle

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