Memorial Service 10 am Sat 15 Feb 2014, in chapel of First Baptist Houston
Ashley is also loved and missed by the New York Broadway theater community where she made a career
in costume design. e.g. her
contribution to "The Flying Latke" child's play staged at The Flea theater.

Ashley Elizabeth Farra remembered (below), photo album
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25 December 2013. Ashley Farra has gone home to be with God - she died unexpectedly of cancer in New York City. She is survived by father David, step-mother Emily, brother Scott & many cousins, uncles, and aunts. She was a grand-daughter of Maris and Margaret Farra. (Her mother, Mary, also died a few years ago)

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(Cousin's photo below from '92)

#The.Best.Time with my cousins. Remembering my beautiful cousin Ashley. This world was a more beautiful place because of her.  Her gorgeous smile and contagious laugh would light up any room.  These are the days I like to remember;  all of us at grandma's house, no cares in the world. We love you so much Ashley.

(by Susann Farra Glenn - with Lauren Milner, Kim Simon Gantz,
Brian Milner, Jennifer Sauceda, Graham Farra and Ashley Farra)

Memories of Ashley, Support for her Family
Ellen:  "I will weep when you are weeping... when you laugh, I'll laugh with you..." How many of us have laughed with David Farra? I have not seen you, David Paul Farra, in many, many years - but I remember your ready smile and laugh. Knowing that you are weeping so deeply right now brings me to tears, too. Holding the Christ-light for you now, dear, dear brother... (text from Servant Song by Richard Gillard)

David: I have great memories of David Farra. He was always very kind and easy to talk to. I remember his daughter (Ashley) from my visits to his house when I was younger. His then-wife (Mary) used to cut my hair, for many years. Sad to hear of his loss.

Pat: Still can't believe it.  Dear sweet niece, you are gone from our lives.  Still weeping.  You are now resting without pain in Jesus' arms.  We'll meet again some day.

Kim: I can't believe it, either.  I'm still so shocked and can't get my brain to actually accept it.  Sweet Ashley.  When I think of her, I remember her beautiful smile and her wonderful laugh ... Remembering how much fun we used to have together.  And I was so proud of you for following your dreams.  I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that you are gone.  My heart is breaking. I love you,  Ashley, sweet, beautiful cousin. I will miss you! Can't get you out of my mind, Ashley. Thinking of all the fun we used to have together. I'm sad that so many miles between us kept us from spending a lot of time together in the last several years. I'm so sorry I wasn't with you when you were in so much pain. It breaks my heart that you died alone. I sob one moment and the next I think it's all just a nightmare I had. I just can't believe you're gone. When I think of your beautiful smile, your laughter, and your wonderful sense of humor, you are so close, and it seems impossible that I won't see you soon at a family gathering. I love you, sweet cousin.

Oressa: So sorry to hear about this.  Much love and hugs to you and your family, Pat, and especially to my dear friend David.  May the Holy Spirit comfort you all during this painful and difficult time!

Carol: Many are weeping with you, David. How could we not as you are our brother in Christ. Just as Ashley is our sister. Jesus holds us all close to His heart.

Kristi: I remember Ashley's cries of pain and desperation and how desperately I wanted to be able to get in the car, drive a few states' distance and go be with her ... now I wonder why all my reasons [not to] were so compelling at the time. When Mary died, I wanted to fill in every gap and hold her and "mother" her and be a comfort...and now all my good intentions are forever lost and empty. 2011. Click site map to navigate
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