"Grover Newman": A Book by Bob Eckert
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Dr. Bob Eckert has written a book about Grover Newman and the title is simply, "Grover Newman." He had a thousand copies printed and isn't selling them. Instead, he wants the book sent to friends, family, etc. with some awareness of Grover & Nancy, at no cost.  Inserted in the book is a slip:

"This little note is to let you know how you may make a gift to Grover T. and Nancy Carr Newman, in regards to your having received this book without charge.  All is in appreciation for their lives of freely-given service to the Lord and the Church."

Bob and Nancy Eckert have written and published this book, and Celebration is mailing it.  That means that 100% of your gift will go to Nancy and Grover.

For those who want some idea of how much their gift should be, $10 or more has been suggested.  The $10 is in regards to the book, and the “or more” is in regards to your love and appreciation for Grover’s and Nancy’s contributions to your life. For some, it will be well-nigh impossible to translate that into a dollar amount.  Therefore, to avoid any embarrassments, Celebration channels contributions to the Newmans, with donors’ names but no amounts attached.  

Details of how to donate come with your book.

Photos featuring Grover T. over the years are:

John Farra and Grover in the U.K. in the 1970s

Ladd Fields and Grover in Redeemer Parish Hall

Nancy and Grover on 39th wedding anniversary

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