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 She went on to glory
 Mon 21st Nov 2011 :
interred in Jerusalem
last updated on 30 Nov 2011

Brenda Clark, Ara, Janis. Isle of Cumbrae.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote

Earth's crammed with Heaven,
And every common bush afire with God;
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes,
The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.

Thank you Pat, our barefooted friend.
Through you we were given a glimpse of Heaven.

Richard Gillard:
Did Pat write "They have No Wine",  or sing it on a Fisherfolk album?  It may not have been called that but that, as I recall that was the first line.  I never knew her but my love goes out to all you who did and are grieving at the moment. God Bless!

Betty Pulkingham:
Richard, Thank you for the expression of your love as so many of us grieve the loss of a dear and devout friend. Her departure has affected me very deeply.  And yes, she did write "They Have No Wine," and sang it too, in that hauntingly poignant voice which penetrated the heart.  God bless and keep you.

Gwenyth Udd:
All week I've been remembering Pat Allen singing "I Like Your Being a Carpenter" in the musical we did at the 1976(?) Episcopal General Convention in Minneapolis--and singing it to myself over and over, remembering all her sweet faith and quiet kindness.

I thought about offering to sing it this morning during the church service, but the text really doesn't fit the first Sunday in Advent, so I waited until after the service and went upstairs to the organ loft in the back of the big church.  Singing from there is fun, because the acoustics are great and there's a big stained glass window picture of Jesus over the altar in front.  From the loft, you're just about the height of Jesus' face so it feels like singing to Him directly.

The organist was still up there, so I explained that I wanted to sing a song in memory of a friend who had died.  He stayed to listen. I waited until the church was empty, and began, quietly, getting louder as the song went on.  You know how, when you sing a song you've listened to someone else sing many times, you find yourself singing it with their expressions, accent, almost in their voice and heart?  That's what it felt like, like singing with Pat's heart.

Afterwards, the organist said, "I'm a carpenter. I get sawdust on my apron when I'm working. I make new things that I marvel at when they're finished."  He was very moved.  I hadn't thought of it before I sang, but this man builds harpsichords. Beautiful ones.  And he restores old instruments.  This was a good song to share with him, and I'm thankful for the blessing of talking to him about Pat's life and ministry, and about Jesus being a carpenter, learning from his father and spending time building useful and beautiful things. Amen.

Jodi Page-Clark:  the Sisters of St. Joseph of Abou Ghosh are truly amazing. I loved all of them as well as the young Philipino girls who worked there.  Sr. Johanna and her blood sister, Sr. Valerie were truly special and gifted in what they do.  Sr. Johanna is tireless and caring in her work and Sr. Valerie has an exceptional gift with dying people.  Being with her as Pat was dying was such an indescribable experience.  They would have paid for all of Pat's care out of their own pockets if they had the money, which they don't, but they were so grateful for all the gifts that various people have sent them.  I wish all of you could have met them.  So heartening to know places like that convent exist and care for people

George Mims:  Jodi, I'm writing to them.  I believe it was God's eternal providence that you, Howard and Elaine were there at this time and that Daphne was able to be with her earlier.  Also, how amazing that dear friends of ours, Sherry and Graham, would be newly installed at St. George's and there at this moment. God is gracious and good!  And through Jesus, our everything!  The whole bit is overwhelming and I trust that what it means to touch base with the infinite with my finite mind!!

Bob Andrew: We hope to be able to get Pat's "Close the back door, Baby" which she wrote in the 1980s, converted to MP3 and made available

George Mims: Bob, you'll never know the joy I've just had learning that my dear friends, Graham and Sherry, came and were involved in Pat's funeral.  They've loved us for our worship for years and years and I've gone to Graham's parishes and done a number of worship/renewal experiences with his congregation.  He and Sherry are true loves and their being with Jodi and Howard for the send off of our sister Pat warms my heart beyond words!

Carol Kennedy:
One of my very fondest memories of Patricia is the sound of her singing the first verse of "Once in Royal David's City" as we stood in the dark and silent sanctuary to begin the Christmas Eve midnight service at Redeemer. I can hear her singing it now! And I'm getting a little teary.

Nathan Carr Pulkingham: I mentioned this very same thing to my mother recently. As a fond memory of Redeemer. What struck me was how I was clearly awestruck by the occasion, because on any other totally dark sanctuary experience, I would have been likely to be several pews away when the lights were turned back on. Having crawled under pews and in between several sets of legs, no doubt......

Ellen Clowe Wood: She was one of my several very talented piano teachers and simply a lovely servant of God. The gift of her life is now returned from whence it came...

Diane Nagy: Pat was a dedicated woman of God. I remember her when I first came to Redeemer. Always welcoming and friendly. I doubt not that she is with our Lord in that wonderful place He has prepared for her. Rest in Peace, Good and Faithful Servant...

Mick Youmans: I remember Pat as a beam of faith, Gods gift. Her journey is complete.

Stephanie Arje Fuller: I almost envy Pat. "Philippians 1:21" sweet spirit, sweet sister. I know she is resting in peace!

Ruth Wieting: She was very special, not only to me and Håkan but to many, many others. She gave her life to prayer. Her journey from being a Southern Baptist to an Episcopalian singing Fisherfolk to a Roman Catholic hermitess was rather remarkable. She will be missed by many.

Dottie Baggett: She wrote such beautiful letters, full of wisdom and thoughtfulness. She asked for our grandkids pics so she could pray for them. Even though I never met her, I treasure her. (as well as Ed)

Terri Jacob McComb: She prayed for Mike and I faithfully for 19 years. I'm convinced her prayers made the difference between disaster and blessing for us. They will be missed!

Ruth Terri, it wouldn't surprise me at all to believe that her ministry of prayer (for so many of us) would continue in its own way from Beyond, probably with even more love and perspective infusing them.

Nan Robertson: My life and that of hundreds more will be emptier without the love and prayers of Pat, God's faithful one. He will hold her close now as she held us all, and like you said Ruth will continue to do so in prayer. A very Special, Loving, Giving, Friend to all , and I'm privileged to call her mine, she also had pictures of all my kids and grandkids that she held up in prayer. I loved her, and will miss her letters full of hope and love

Arne Söderbäck: After 30 years I can still remember her eyes.. Eyes of a saint...

Diane Andrew" So many memories. I'm thankful and richer for knowing Patricia and being part of her life and family while living in Houston and the UK, and beyond. Heaven is rejoicing!

Lisa Tegby: We now have a wonderful angel, who, I am sure, will keep on praying for us. But how I will miss her letters.... So glad Lars-Gunnar and I could meet her in Jerusalem two years ago! And so happy that Jodi and Howard were there just now.

George Mims: Pat did generous things for us that only a mystic devoted to God in Christ could fathom doing. She was serious about contemplative prayer. She's blessed everyone who had contact with her....Those words, "Fear not for I have redeemed you," have put on new and complete meaning this day. The worship at Redeemer which truly was a foretaste of the heavenly choirs singing with all their hearts and voices has taken a dimension which none of us earthside can imagine or even dream of....yet hope for. And the song you sang with such conviction, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee" gives us all the hope of knowing the fullness of God's grace and mercy here and hereafter. Especially sensitive are the words at the end, "Whom shall I send and who will go? Here I am, Lord, send me!" And you are there just as the Lord bade you come. Blessings are yours now and forever. The peace of the Lord Jesus is with us! Amen

George Mims To the Rev. Graham Smith:
Dear Graham and Sherry, I hope this email reaches you. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and on that day a dear friend, Patricia Allen, will be remembered at her Funeral Mass at St. Louis Hospital Chapel in Jerusalem. Pat was a dear friend whose gifts were many. She was a contemplative from the first day I knew her in 1969 at Church of the Redeemer in Houston. Also, her clean, pure, beautifully toned voice was an enormous contribution to our worship experiences there. Whether it was
"O Jesus, grant us hope and comfort," "Mary had a baby," "Once in Royal David's City" as the soloist on Christmas Eve, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace" during prayers for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, or countless songs of Renewal where thoughtful improvisation was a plus, or on classic anthems from the Renaissance, Patricia had the gift of musicality and sang aloud the meaning of the words and melody. She did so many thoughtful things like writing and giving out little booklets of prayers as she prayed for friends. This is to say I hope you will have opportunity to remember her at the Altar in your services this week. How fitting it is that her earthly remains will be buried in the cemetery on the Mount of Olives! Know we often think of you in Glenview and now in Jerusalem, the Holy City, City of Peace. Have a wonderful meal of thanksgiving. Warm regards and love, George

"The peace of God, it is no peace but strife closed in the sod; yet brothers pray for but one thing: the marvelous peace of God." ...William Alexander Percy

George Ellis Mims, D.M.. Organist and Director of Music
St. Paul's Episcopal, 4051 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Elly Hollister: I have known Pat since we were in elementary school, and known and loved her family. She was to be a bridesmaid in our wedding, but her mom filled in on house party, because Pat was running a camp in Colorado for the summer. She was so much part of our graduating class of 1955, and also part of a group we had there, that today would be outlawed, called "Morning Watch." We gathered every morning an hour before classes to sing and praise God. We also sponsored a Sat. morning mission for children. Pat graduated from Baylor University. She spent some time in Houston at one of the Churches. When her mom was ill, she came back to Beaumont, and we were together again. We started writing, and through the years where ever she was, we wrote monthly. I have a collection of letters, photos, religious messages, prayers, printed material, and little gifts that she sent from Scotland and Jerusalem. She was also a friend of our son, Lane, and called herself a closet godmother to our youngset granddaughter. I also played the piano and sang, but I am so pleased to know that she went back to her singing. It seemed we both gave that up for a time, and I never returned. I thank God that she did, and I will enjoy the songs on the email. Thanks to the messages and Sr. Johanna for letting me know.

My last letter from Pat was written 9/20/11. It was long and said so much. It ended with "I will not write back until after Christmas, and then you will understand." She was waiting for pictures of our youngest grandchild's part in "Nutcracker" as the Snow Queen. She was the closest to a sister that I ever had. I only regret that Jack and I were not able to visit her in Scotland or Jerusalem. She will be loved and missed by so many. but I smile when I think about her singing in Heaven. I thank God for her life and look forward to seeing her again.

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