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From Daphne on 7 October 2013
We will be having Dad's memorial on Sunday, October 13th at 4 p.m. at Redeemer Episcopal, 5700 Lawndale, Houston. Father Israel will be officiating. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the Redeemer Family. The outpouring of kind words, encouragement and honor are deeply appreciated!! I am looking forward to seeing many of you next weekend!

From Daphne on 5 October 2013

Dear Ones, I wanted you to know that my Dad, Claude Sr., went to be with the Lord tonight at 7:30 Houston time. He was doing well this week. We talked on the phone for a long time two days ago. He had wanted to go to Sarah's violin concert tonight, but he didn't like to drive at night anymore. Apparently he did go to the grocery store this afternoon. We don't know the exact cause of death, but he collapsed on the front porch and someone called 911. The fire department gave him CPR for at least 45 minutes, but he did not make it. Dad wanted to be cremated and buried with Mom and Brian. Because of that, we are not in a huge rush to have the memorial immediately. As a family we will decide when a memorial will take place, and will let you know. Thank you to all of you who have been friends of the Hazel family for these last many years - some of you 45 years or more! You are the precious family God gave us - and especially my parents - to "do life with". And it was a wonderful life!! Thank you for your prayers.


Jane & Jim Clowe When our telephone rang at 11pm last Saturday night, I reacted as I always do when our phone rings at that hour, "Oh dear! I hope something hasn't happened to someone in the family." But as a matter of fact, it did concern a member of our extended family that we have loved for many years, that being the passing of Claude Hazel at 7pm that evening. Ralph Neal had called Diane Nagy who, in turn, called us.

The Clowes and the Hazels had a very close, and at times intense, relationship that was always characterized by love and respect. Our childrens' lives were very much entwined during those five years in Houston and we have memories galore. In the course of our 50th anniversary celebration, we were privileged to share a couple of days with Claude and Elise in Seattle, along with Alan and Molly Mills, before the Mills and Clowes embarked on an Alaskan cruise. Elise and Claude were there visiting Katherine and her husband, who invited all of us to have a senior sleepover at their house. A fairly short time later, Elise passed away. So, we were ever so grateful for our time with them.

Claude's passing seems to close the door on a very rich chapter of our lives. He graciously received us into his home August before last and we got to attend church with him along with the Redeemer remnant on Sunday. He was a faithful man who loved the Lord and cherished his family. He seemed hale and hearty on that occasion, and we had heard nothing to indicate he was suffering any ill health. However, his quick departure seems to us most merciful and a preferable way to go. He has now entered into the presence of our Lord and is reunited with members of his family. How can we not rejoice with him, though we will join with his family members here in missing him greatly. May our Father bless his children and grandchildren with His peace at this time.

Claude Jr .Thank you, Lord, for my Dad; he was a great gift to us all.

R I will miss drinking coffee with Claude after church. Just last Sunday we were chatting and remembering places around town that we knew. His interest and curiosity was intact to the end. I enjoyed his company, his presence. I will miss him.

Ellen C Daphne, Claude Jr., Reese, Catherine, and Sarah - Know that you all are in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers. I truly loved your dad! I know he is thrilled to be reunited with Elise and Geoff and Brian, and most of all to be in the presence of His Lord! For him, this is a day of rejoicing! But I know for you and for many of us, it leaves a sense of unrest and longing because of the yawning gap separating us from all the saints who have gone before. I for one look forward to the day when we are all on those streets of gold. For now though, I'm just sad.

Truly, the Redeemer neighborhood will seem utterly changed when 4402 Pease is no longer the Hazel house! So very many lovely memories in that home. Kristi I was thinking the same thing, Ellen. I can't imagine that house being anything other than a gathering place for Hazel and others.

Jeanie W Daphne, Reese, and all - we're so sad to hear about Claude...your dad was larger than life in so many ways, and I know that his passing will leave a giant hole in the family. Your parents were truly special, and I have many fond memories of them both. ne of my favorites was when I worked at Redeemer as the parish administrator. Claude and Elise came up one day to make use of my notary services. Claude deposed Elise in front of me and made her attest that she was in fact Elise Hazel -- this even though I had known them both for 25 years or so, ha. May God grant everyone peace at this time of grief and loss, along with deep knowledge of Claude's place in that heavenly land where pain and sorrow are no more.

George M Daphne, I wrote Sarah earlier that Claude's visits with the Mims as we moved around the country were always wonderful. We've loved your dad and mom and pray when the time of celebration comes it will be just that in spades and that the memories will bless you in an enriching way in spite of the grief you feel this evening. Claude's being welcomed into the Holy City Jerusalem, City of Peace. He's sung "I want to walk as a child of the light, I want to be with Jesus" and now that is fact not just hope. Lord, you have fulfilled your Word. Now let your servant depart in peace. Amen. Love to you and all of your family.

Leslie and I aren't free to come as I still work and that is here in Mobile at St. Paul's. BUT you all will be our thoughts and prayers as you celebrate your dad and his life and work for family and for God. Yes, the Hazel's have had that "open" home over so many years where the welcome was genuine and the purpose of that open approach to community and the neighborhood was sincere. Claude and Elise have been treasures to so many people and as Jim and Charlotte Stringham used say, they now continue to grow from grace to grace and glory to glory. No static uninteresting scene there in heaven but one where the Lord Himself both wipes away all tears and gives fullness of meaning to "life eternal".

Diane N Bless all of you during this difficult time and the peace and grace of our lord be with each of you as you prepare for his going home. Both of your parents were always very dear to me from my very first day in the community. I am grateful they were a part of my life.

Barbara Dear Hazels, Bruce and I are so sorry at your loss and happy for his gain. I'll always remember your Dad, as he gave me away on my wedding day and I got to live with Claude and Elise for a while. Good memories.

Bruce B Brian was our very shy ring man. Catherine was our flower girl (I think). Elise and Claude gave us essential marriage counseling. I will miss knowing Claude is on the corner. It leaves a big emptiness on our street.

Pat F Daphne, we've been praying ever since we heard of his collapse. I'm sad for you, but happy he's with the Lord and others in your family. We will continue to pray. He was a member of our house church and I could see him decline over the past year, at least. Now he's healed--and can see clearly!  Let me know what I can do to help

Kristi H
I just heard this from mom...I am so sorry for this loss.

Cherie B Oh, very sorry for you but glad for him. I know he is exactly where he has wanted to be for a very long time. I so wish I could hop a plane and come down and participate and lend my voice to the praise of his goodbye. But I will be in Upstate NY that day to take my dad to Oncologist and Neuro-psych for advanced prostate cancer and Alzheimer's. Will be with you in thought and Spirit.

Rob B The Lord strengthen you all, Daphne. Claude was a great man and a great man of God.

Ralph P Your father was a great man for whom everyone had respect and affection. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Stephanie A The legacy of the Hazel marriage and clan is the testimony of the great Redeemer King. His love and peace be with you.

Stephanie S
It is a great loss for all of us; the Hazel family is such a remarkable family of love and faith. I have wonderful memories of Claude spanning many, many years. I will be in prayer for the entire family.

Mitzi C Daniel and I are so sorry to hear this news of your dad. He was a wonderful man whom we were blessed to know. We are holding you all close in heart and prayer.

Margaret So sorry to hear of Claude's passing. May your family be surrounded with God's peace.

Kim R Love, hugs, and prayers for you all.

Betsy C God be with you and all your family, precious girl...(to Daphne)

Neal M Yes, he was, indeed, a wonderful man. You are in my prayers. God receive him into his nearer presence.

Wiley B Daphne, blessings to you all.

Diana S May he rest in peace.

Paula S God bless all the Hazel family. Now and forevermore.

Ron R Daphne, very sorry to hear of Claude's passing. My prayers are with you and your family

Margot T We all loved him as we did your Mom and Brian and Jeff. You all were and are a beautiful and inspiring family for so many. Love to you all.

Beth W You are in our thoughts and prayers, your parents made a great impact with their lives. We will miss your Dad with us here present, but know he is in God's greater Presence. I can only imagine...

Norma B We send you all our love.

Joyce So, so sorry; Claude was a wonderful dad and man of faith; he will be missed. God's peace surround you and your family.

Jane M I attended Church of the Redeemer for several years, and have known the Hazels a long time, I had the blessing of knowing Claude and Elise Hazel in my middle 20's , they were so kind to me and my family. Claude is now in heaven with Elise and their two wonderful sons, and they are celebrating. I will miss Claude's sweet smile and how he used to call me Janie. I remember his sweet gentle spirit, he reminded me a lot of my own dad. I will miss him, but he is in the Glory of God now, what an awesome place to be.

David T We love you Daphne. I have many find memories of your mother and father from childhood. That would be close to 45 years.

David S Sorry to hear this Daphne. Did you ever hear of when your mom and dad were out for a drive once when they were visiting Catherine and decided to drive by our address to see where we lived. They saw we were having an outdoor party, and strolled right in. It took a moment for me to realize that it wasn't "normal". Rob Great story, David. So LOL Claude!

Amanda Daphne, Blake just told me about 30 minutes ago about your Dad. I love your parents so much. Your dad was a great man, he always made me laugh because he was so down to earth. I loved your whole family. I remember when your mother was pregnant with Sarah - we were pregnant about the same time. I also recall when ya'll moved across the street from us on McKinney. Such wonderful memories of your whole family. I love you all. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Myrnette D I always loved talking with your Dad. he remembered I was from Memphis and had been here. He always talked about it. His smile and interest always meant a lot. God bless you and your family at this time. I will be looking for the arrangements ya'll make.

Patricia G Daphne, thanks so much for writing to let us know about your Dad. I still remember the day that your lovely family moved to Houston to join the church!

Donna P RIP Claude, you were important in my life as well, and the memories of you were joyful ones. Thank you for sharing, Lucy.

Nicolette G I remember how Claude shared with David and I that Redeemer was our kids spiritual inheritance. That was a word from The Lord to us. Never forgot it.

Marty C Thank you for sharing, Lucy. Claude, Elise, and the whole family hold a special place in my heart! Thinking of you, Claude Jr, Daphne, Reese, Catherine, and Sarah.

Jillian F God Bless my dear...keeping you in my prayers.

Rick L Daphne - My heart goes out to you and your family at this time. I am deeply sorry for your loss yet I know your Dad is at home with the Lord. Your Dad was a kind & gentle man & good friend to my Mom and of course your Mom as well...Lot's of good memories visiting your home and seeing all of you at church. I will keep you & your family in my prayers. God Bless Rick & Family...

Tony C so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. May the Lords Peace bless all of you as you deal with a big loss

Donna H so sorry to hear about Claude's passing, he was one of the pillars at Redeemer in my time; which was the 70's. May he rest in peace. God's Blessings of comfort and hope

Jim G My traveling buddy Claude Hazel ,known as Claudio by many orphans en Mexico, has gone to be with the Lord Jesus .. we love you.. see you soon.. Claudio esta con Dios.. Dios te bendiga y todo tu familia.... Jaime

Lucy D My cover photo is a picture of my cousin Elise and Claude R. Hazel's wedding back in the 1950's. I was privileged to be their flower girl on that special day. Last night my cousin Claude passed on suddenly and is now in the Presence of our Lord, along with his beloved wife, Elise and son's Brian and Geoffrey. I really cannot adequately express how much Claude meant to me and the significance he and Elise had in my life. Claude was the father and provider for seven beautiful children -he continually opened his home to provide and love those that were seeking a strong foundation in Christ. I was one of those. Claude, I will miss the smile and twinkle in your eye, your sense of humor, eating ice cream on Friday nights with you and your family, wonderful meals around your dining room table, and most of all your selfless kindness and generosity. I am most grateful for your disciple-ing me in Christ, through action, not just words. Claude, Daphne, Reese, Catherine, and Sarah my thoughts, prayers, and love are with you all. Daphne I am so grateful to hear the kind words you have spoken about Dad, Mom and our family. You, of course, also hold a special place in all of our hearts! There has been much brokenness and loss in our family in recent years, and so it is amazing to hear the outpouring of love, admiration and respect people have for Dad. Remembering again today that this life is only a prelude to the eternal life we will share with Christ. May we all finish well and may each one of us someday hear the words of our Captain, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

Catherine H Thank you so much for posting that picture. It brought tears to my eyes. Love you tons.

April B Hearing the news of his death made me really sad not just because I knew him but because of the relationship he had between my mom and him. Claude was a second father to her, because she never knew her father. I never knew him in the same way that she did, to her he was the man that walked her down the aisle for her wedding. To me he was Claude Hazel, neighbor, church friend, and grandfather/father to some great people. Growing up I wanted to be like his family or to have such faith to have so many children. LOL. I really enjoyed the small few times me and Deborah would go over to their house and Sarah did our makeup for fun one time. I was a very shy child and I do not remember if I ever told her how much it meant to me just coming over and hanging with the older girls of the church. Jesus, thanks for such good memories. Amen.

Charlotte L Daphne, I am sad to hear of Claude's passing. He has passed from us into eternal life. I believe he is in the presence of The Lord and his and our loved ones, your mother, Geoffrey, Tommy and Catherine, uncle Tommy, Brian, and those I do not know. I know you will miss him so much. As I will in such a small way comparatively, however, he made a mark in my life for good. I loved him. As I love you and yours. He will be remembered always with great affection. Daphne Thank you, Charlotte! And he is also reunited with Uncle Clay! We miss him so much's very hard, as you know! We appreciate your prayers.

Barbara W Daphne: I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad but I smile knowing that he is at home with Aunt Elise and Brian and Geoffrey and our Grandparents and my Dad too. They all celebrate his homecoming in Heaven. Please know our thoughts and prayers are for the Hazel family. Daphne Thank you, Barbara. I really appreciate your kind words and believe every single one of them to be true! I know Dad was received by all of our loved ones who have gone before us in the faith. I also am at peace knowing Dad is in his eternal home! We already miss him so much... My love to you and your family, and Aunt Margot! 2011. Click site map to navigate
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