Memorial Service for John Tom Grimmet
Born January 11, 1921 & died February 25, 2013 at age 92

1 pm Mar 9, 2013 in Redeemer Lutheran, 4700 Lawndale

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Diane: Ralph Neal called about John Grimmet's memorial service to be held March 9th at
1 pm. He talked with John Jr. and his wife and offered this, and they were so happy to be
asked, and they are hoping that the many Redeemerites that knew John Sr. and what he
stood for and contributed, will come and be part of this going home celebration of his life.

I loved Mr. John so much! I am thankful to God that he is at last resting in His peace.

Debbie: John led the confirmation class I was in (69-70). The only other person I remember
in attendance was Kenny Corner but there were a few more. And I can't recall exactly what
he told us but it def. was not a rote script from Episcopal church. He spoke from the heart,
talked about commitment and personal relationship with Jesus.

Nathan: He was such a wonderful, loving & tender person & soul. I remember him holding me aloft down in the Chapel,
below the Sanctuary, after a Friday night service. I had just busted my kneecap on concrete pavement a day or two
previously. I was convinced & had faith that the Lord would heal me & begged not to be taken to see a Doctor about this
injury. My patella region was massively swollen and painful. The Elders, including Dad, laid hands on me and prayed for
healing. John Grimmet carried me downstairs to the Chapel in a most delicate fashion, reassuring and comforting me all
the while. I don't recall the immediate outcome, as such, however, I never did go see a Doctor about this injury. He was
a gentle giant, that is for sure. May he, deservedly, rest in peace & grace the saints above with his inclusive presence.

Tim: John Grimmet was loved by us all. AND he was a great saltwater fisherman.

Rob: John was an amazing man of God

Diane: He was truly a servant of the Lord. May he be welcomed by the host of angels of God.

Pat: We have lost a great saint, but heaven has gained and John is no longer in misery. Praise God

James: John was a huge influence on my life.... A humble man with a heart full of love. I've talked about him many
times over the years. He's my role model and I know we'll see each other again.

Alison: I know Jerry loved John and Edith dearly, holding them in high respect. He would often talk of John's strong
faith and support to many as they worked together.

Myrnette: RIP, John, and thanks for all you did for our Lord. 2011. Click site map to navigate
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