Rev. Graham Pulkingham
Born: Sept 14, 1926
Died : April 12, 1993

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"By their fruits, ye shall know them". Read his publications below, and Wikipedia listing

  "Gathered For Power"  by Graham Pulkingham (196 page PDF)
 Morehouse-Barlow Co. 1972.
 ISBN 0-8192-1130-3

  "They Left Their Nets: A Vision for Community Ministry"  
      by Graham Pulkingham
(free download as 159 page PDF)
Hodder & Stoughton Limited, 1974.
ISBN 0-340-18553-8

   "Renewal: An Emerging Pattern by Graham Pulkingham
       & Jeanne Hinton
 ISBN 0-906309-10-7

  "Church of the Redeemer, Miracle in the Inner City"
      ACTS Magazine (download as 11-page 6.2 MB PFD file) 2011. Click site map to navigate
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