Individuals of Redeemer & Celebration
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Listed in slideshow order as they were added to album: Pulkingham, Sumner, Franks, Cothran, Baggett, Quick, Lees, Dunlop, Felton,  Durran, Jolly,  O'Neill, Mills-Hope,  Beveridge, Keyes, Asprey, Troy, Beckey, Withey,  Barker, Weaver, Linden, Holloway, Porter, Kimmey,   Miles, Mims, Newman, Jesus (in mural),  Wheeler,  Harbove, Gaidosek, Frey, Coleman, Michell, Newlander, Jones, Fergus, Lusby-Taylor, Litchfield, Queen Elizabeth (portrait), Gumbinner, Crain, Cannon, Glenn, Boyle, Durst, Harmon, Herrick, Harold, Andrew, Cothran,  McGranahan,  Corrington, Joelsen, Page-Clark, Wilkes,  Alexander, Allen, Kennedy, Stayner, Dickinson, Witbeck, 
Evans-Cusach, Howard,  Gullen, Cavnar, Reed, Haefner-Reeves,  Mallory,  Paulus,  Gilbert,  Huntington,  Zunker-Herrick,  Adams, Binns,  Renfro, Hinton, Salge, Owens, Nagy, VanderLynn, O'Malley, Fabian, Webb, Maris, Rogers, Cappleman, Schiffmayer, Kosloski, Gilliam, Harris, Flake, McGranahan, Austin, Whitney, Corner, Alexander, Mills-Powell, Fry, Harman, McKeown, Youmans, McClain, Dailey, Allday, Wise, Toth, Wieting, Sawyer, Peklenk, Bradshaw ©2011. Click site map to navigate
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