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Redeemer poem by Camp H
Old gray building now deconsecrated
O what life you once had within you
How many lives were touched within those walls
As I walk around you the ghosts of memories sweet
I willingly allow to haunt my mind
Within you I found the love of God in His people gathered
My life was consecrated within your walls
My sweet wife I met at your table there
Within you long ago we were married
Within we worshiped, not far from Heaven
O what life you sheltered there
Old gray lady, old gray church
Friends and brothers, friends and sisters
Souls that shall be with me 'till my dying day
As I walk around you now, empty and abandoned
I dread the fate that awaits you
As Jericho fell, so will you
They will come to tear you down
Old gray lady, old gray church
This place that once was a piece of Heaven
But the memories of the Life within you
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